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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I attend an Amazing Marriages conference?

When you get married, the assumption is that you’re supposed to know how to “do” relationships. But it’s not always that easy. We don’t learn relationships in school. Often all that’s needed are simple adjustments—which many people don’t know about--that can change the course of your marriage. A more harmonious marriage reduces stress, provides greater energy, helps children, and research shows that those who are in happy marriages live longer!

As a pastor, why should I plan an Amazing Marriages conference or seminar for my church?

The church is the Body of Christ. The only way the Body can be all it should be is with “the proper working of each individual part.” Amazing Marriages exists to strengthen Married Couples and Singles, providing them with tools that will help them enjoy their relationships and lives as God intended. These couples and individuals then become part of the solution of creating a strong, healthy Body. Also, pastors and church staff get to have a fun weekend and enjoy refreshment for their own marriages too!

Why should I use Perry & Dianne to lead a marriage conference?

You want someone who knows what they’re talking about but who also is fun to listen to. Perry and Dianne are relationship experts who have worked a combined 20 years refreshing strong marriages and healing troubled ones. They’ve learned what works and what doesn’t. They believe a healthy marriage is a fun marriage, so they teach couples how to have fun even in the midst of dealing with challenging issues. Their immensely practical speaking style provides many “take-home tools” for participants, so the benefits remain long after the event is over. Your audiences will thank you for a fun weekend that was extremely valuable and practical.

What are the main themes of your Conferences and Seminars?

Both Amazing Marriage and Amazing Singles conferences focus on three themes: Building a Foundation with God, Seeing Yourself as God Sees You, and then Learning the Secrets to Translating These Benefits to both your marriage and other key relationships.

What Conference and Seminar options are available?

Perry and Dianne offer two different conferences:

1. Amazing Marriage conference:

Friday night, 7:00-9:00pm and Saturday, 9:00am- 1:00pm

2. Amazing Singles conference:

Friday night, 7:00 -9:00pm and Saturday, 9:00am– 1:00pm

Perry and Dianne also offer 90-minute Seminars for Married Couples and Singles

What is the cost of a conference or seminar for a church or organization?

There are two different pricing options. 1) One is based on a flat fee plus the expenses of travel, meals, and hotel. 2) The other option is for your church to charge a fee per couple to reach our minimum fee plus the expenses of travel, meals, and hotel. Using this option it can be possible to provide an Amazing Marriages event at no cost to your church. In addition, Perry and Dianne will donate 50% of anything that exceeds the minimum back to you to support your church or organization. To get further pricing information, please e-mail

Will you help promote the conference?

As a FREE service to the sponsoring church or organization, Amazing Marriages provides promotional materials so that your event can be promoted effectively via web and print media.

Is your material beneficial for those who are not married or are widowed or divorced?

Yes, Amazing Marriages combines Biblical direction and sound psychological advice helpful to all of life's relationships.

What if my spouse won’t come?

Come without him or her. Come with friends or come by yourself for a fun time out!

Is this only for troubled marriages?

No. These events offer great benefits to any relationship.

Do we have to interact with other people at the seminar? In other words, do I have to share in a group setting?

The conferences and seminars are designed as getaway weekends for spouses to strengthen the relationship and enhance communication. The only person you have to talk to is your spouse.

We aren't big church-goers? Would we feel comfortable at one of your events?

Absolutely! The events are packed full of practical information you can apply to your marriage and key relationships right away. It will be a lot of fun too!

Are Perry and Dianne available for other speaking engagements?

Yes, Perry and Dianne speak at a limited number of engagements every year in addition to the Amazing Marriages and Amazing Singles events.

How do we book a conference or seminar?

Please contact us today.