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The Married Man’s Field Manual

The Married Man’s Field Manual

The Married Man’s Field Manual is now available!

You’ve won her heart…now will you protect and defend it?

Husbands, you have a deadly foe in the spiritual realm armed and ready to wreak havoc on your life and marriage. Does it make sense to go about your day pretending your enemy doesn’t exist?

Love. Honor. Protect. Defend.

Your marching orders come from the very heart of God. Your mission echoes into eternity. A mission that most of us must readily admit we’re supremely unqualified for, but one that we dare take on anyway. Arm yourself now with spiritual weapons, join with like-minded warriors, stay tight with your Commander in Chief, and He will see you through.

Will you accept the call?

In their new book, The Married Man’s Field Manual, authors and marriage counselors Perry and Dianne Dodge offer 30 Rules of Engagement that will help you maneuver with military precision and take strategic action to protect and defend your wife and marriage.

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