Amazing Marriages

What People Are Saying

What People Are Saying


what people are saying about amazing marriages…

“I liked the practical tips you shared on praying together in marriage, your role-playing how to pray and how not to pray. You were transparent enough to show that you both are still working on your own marriage. That really encouraged me.”

— R.A., Amazing Marriages Conference participant

“Every detail was arranged to make this a fantastic experience. This conference truly blessed me and my marriage.”

— S.P., Amazing Marriages Conference participant

“What I appreciated most about this conference was Perry talking with the women about what men need from their wives, and Dianne talking with the men about what women need from their husbands. This was different from other conferences I’ve attending and it was extremely helpful!”

— M.J., Amazing Marriages Conference participant

“This conference was fun and exciting and I enjoyed the relaxing atmosphere. I have been able to connect with God in areas I was unaware of. I’m now better able to manage conflicts and remain connected to my wife.”

— D.H., Amazing Marriages Conference participant

“This conference helped me to realize that small things make a big difference. I especially liked when Dianne spoke with the men about specific ways we can meet our wife’s needs. Because of this conference I feel I am now better at managing conflict, which is something my wife and I have struggled with for years.”

— L.M., Amazing Marriages Conference participant

“I’ve learned lots of positive ways to deal with any issue that might arise in my marriage. I especially appreciated that the message was centered around God as the foundation of our relationship. I also really enjoyed Perry and Dianne’s role playing various situations from their own marriage. This showed me that my husband and I are not the only ones who deal with issues in our relationship.”

— P.F., Amazing Marriages Conference participant

“At this conference I learned to be more observant to the needs of my husband. I learned what motivates him, the sense of responsibility he feels, and I’m now better able to connect with him. I also feel I have a better understanding of how my actions affect us as a couple. I’m now more confident and better able to deal with our conflicts, especially ongoing issues.”

— L.W., Amazing Marriages Conference participant